Roasted Carrots

Recently, over the last few weeks at my local farmers’ market. gorgeous, long and thick, tender-all-through Danvers carrots have been my  pick-of-the-day. They’re perfect for roasting as you would other root crops like beets; for that matter you can cook beets the same way. Coupling roasted carrots with pickled limes makes for a scintillating side to … Continue reading Roasted Carrots

Flashed-in-the-Pan Mussels with Quick Tomato Sauce

Sequestered within their sturdy black shells, succulent mussels, the prize inside, present a dramatic appearance that belies their easy deliciousness. There’s almost no effort to preparing them: usually they come already cleaned by the fish vendor, so need only a dunk in cool water just before cooking to determine that their shells remain closed in the … Continue reading Flashed-in-the-Pan Mussels with Quick Tomato Sauce

Apple Fennel Galette

Mostly I refrain from offering recipes with three parts because that’s almost a sure bet turn-off for the modern person. On the other hand, when it’s autumn harvest time, and the stolid apple, destined to become winter’s glamour-less workhorse fruit, appears newly luscious with a promise of sweet/tart, fresh, soft crunch, even the usually reluctant … Continue reading Apple Fennel Galette