Touting the Pressure Cooker: Risotto

5 thoughts on “Touting the Pressure Cooker: Risotto”

  1. I wondered whether I might share your basic risotto recipe from the cookbook on my blog with, of course, a link to your blog and your adapted recipe. I’ve been your recipe for years now and love having risotto turned into a fast food by using the pressure cooker!! I generally add asparagus to our, too. On a different topic, are you from Omaha originally? I grew up there.

      1. Thanks very much! We had the risotto for dinner tonight and I look forward to risotto patties tomorrow. My brother went to Central; I went away to high school and college in Seward at Concordia.

  2. Ms. Wise, thank you so much for continuing to bring pressure cookers to the forefront! It looks like everyone has their favorite risotto recipe! Italians, instead, like to cook it under pressure for 7 minutes, open the pot instantly, stir and serve!

    Here is my basic recipe:

    Now that I discovered your blog, I look forward to following you on the web!

    making pressure cookers hip again, one recipe at a time!

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