Lentil and Kale Soup with Salted Lemon Rounds and Feta Cheese

2 thoughts on “Lentil and Kale Soup with Salted Lemon Rounds and Feta Cheese”

  1. This soup says “Wow” to me, especially with the lemon garnish – it looks like lots of zing. I usually never pair lemon with tomato but this might be the case to do it!

    I do something similar (no kale and no lemons, which make yours sing), but I pressure cook the lentils on low heat for 10 minutes and open with the quick water method.

    Happy Holidays!


    hip pressure cooking
    making pressure cookers hip again, one recipe at a time!

    1. Hi Laura, I’m so glad you like the lentil soup. I don’t use the quick water method for releasing pressure from a pressure cooker for two reasons: I don’t like having to or recommending to carry a steaming hot pot from the stove to the sink when there are gentler ways to go about cooling down, namely, leave the pot off the heat and let the pressure subside slowly, so I always include that cool down time in the total cooking. Plus, using the water cool down method erases one of the main advantages for pressure cooking, which is to be an energy saving method, not just for time but also for natural resources, such as water.

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