Grape Mostarda

2 thoughts on “Grape Mostarda”

  1. This Grape Mostarda was a big hit in several areas – very easy to prepare, unusual, and delicious. My only problem in preparation was attempting to use a mallet to crush the peppercorns – they were blasted all over the kitchen. There must be some less explosive technique that I’m not familiar with. Lacking that, I resorted to a pepper grinder – which reduces the crunchy effect. Used the microwave for the heating stage (15 minutes) and that went pretty smoothly. Probably should have heated for several additional minutes to get more thickening after it cooled.
    The Mostarda was served with grilled chicken, rice, and salad during an Election Night watch party and drew raves. Several people asked for the recipe saying they’d use it at Thanksgiving in place of cranberry sauce. Thanks – this is a real keeper.

    1. You’re welcome; I love it when someone loves one of my recipes and I get to hear about it! The peppercorn incident is amusing, also annoying, I imagine, cleaning up the mess. I fixed the recipe to say how to avoid this. Hope that helps.

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