Homemade Chicken Broth the “Easy” Way

3 thoughts on “Homemade Chicken Broth the “Easy” Way”

  1. After making the stock chicken/beef/pork I let it cool and then skim the fat off. Divide into containers for suitable portions. This is put into a freezer. After frozen remove portion when required. Using a container, sieve and cheesecloth leave the stock to defrost overnight through the cloth and sieve into the container. This will give you a perfectly clear stock or as I use clear soup (consumme – almost fat free, not many calories). If its beef I add a dash of sherry. When heating on its own do not boil for clear soup.It sounds lot of work but very easy, just takes longer. I usually make 5 litres of stock at one time. My stock is usually made from fresh meat e.g with bone in, whole chicken, spare ribs. You can add for example to it beef stock cubes for the beefy flavour/brown colour, about 3 for 5l. The meat is then cooked for further dishes.

  2. Love the photo! Nice and easy recipe. I am a devote of making my own chicken stock. I have become quite lazy. Once we eat a rotisserie chicken, in the pot the left overs go! I put celery and basil and sometimes mushrooms with the onions and garlic…and carrots. But, it does make it sweeter. Turns out cloudy for sure. So I will try your recipe next!

    xoxo Karen

    1. The cloudy part could be a result of too high a heat. The liquid should not boil as it cooks, just simmer gently. Let me know how the recipe works for you. xoxo, Vic

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