Charcuterie-Style Potato Salad

4 thoughts on “Charcuterie-Style Potato Salad”

  1. This potato salad is becoming a standard outline for me. I remember making it from, ” Good & Plenty”, one of my favorite of Victoria’s cook books. It’s on page 282. I’m making it to take to the Hollywood Bowl this evening.

    1. Wow! I had completely forgot about the rendition in Good and Plenty. The original appeared in my deli case and in my first cookbook, American Charcuterie: Recipes from Pig-by-the-Tail, so I guess I’ve liked this potato salad a long time! Perfect for the Hollywood Bowl I think. What’s going on there?

  2. Should not have looked! It’s noon at my mother’s and now I’m really hungry but we won’t eat for another 10 minutes… OK, it’s worth waiting for her magret!

  3. I have made this salad several times. It’s a nice variation on potato salad, and works well with any kind of salami. We’re getting together with some friends for a picnic next week end and it will be perfect to bring.

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