A Savory Pear Side for Autumn and Winter

Pears are so convertible. Top up or top down, they breeze through town lending a bit of culinary exotica to the dark days of winter. Cooked, they provide a welcome blast of fruity, subtly spicy perfume for many a dessert, think pear tarts,  pears poached in syrup of one sort or another, etc., etc., etc. And then there are cooked pears, not sweetened, that lend an aura of mystery to the savory side of the menu. One such is this, adapted from my latest cookbook Bold: A Cookbook

Glazed and roasted Bartlett and Comice Pears. Photo © bt Rick Wise. Left click on the photo to see it full screen.

of Big Flavors (Workman, Dec. 2013, co-authored with Susanna Hoffman). While we designed the dish to accompany roast duck, it easily segues to almost any warming meat, poultry, or game dish. Continue reading “A Savory Pear Side for Autumn and Winter”